Sisley vs la prairie

I've noticed an increasing number of people talking about "anti-aging" skin care for the last few years, regardless of the age. It seems to me that it's just nothing but a popular trend among consumers and companies. But in fact, if we think about what real "anti-aging" skin care is, it's just a balance between inner and outer beauty.

Meaning, you can't simply just pile on expensive products without a healthy life style and expect that you can delay aging of your skin. Regardless, the most basic anti-aging skin care is in hydration and sun protection. I'm quite certain that most people know about this, but there is something else that you should know.

If your skin goes past a certain point and you can't possibly reverse your skin dramatically with over-the-counter products, you should see your dermatologist and discuss options. If you have done any dermatological procedures and want to maintain your skin or your skin hasn't shown any signs of aging, then just focus on hydration. If you are in none of these categories ie. Now the question is, how do you find the hydrating cream that is right for you?

I'm not going to discuss different ingredients here since there are so many out there already that you can search from.

Sisley or La Prairie Eye Cream

I'm not trying to say that luxury skin care brands are the best in all situations, I just want to share my experiences with them, as usual :. Below are links to reviews of each brand, followed by a comparison table.

Soft Cream Moist. Lotion Oil absorbing Lotion Moist. Gel Cream Time Release Moist.But more-personalized product ranges can make us look extremely good for our age. Five testers went in search of lost youth…. Not so with skin. For, regardless of good genes, UVA avoidance, and copious consumption of water, the vast majority of us will have a wealth of wrinkles by No wonder the beauty industry reports an explosion of activity in anti-aging products among consumers 35 and up.

Whichever products we choose, Kimball urges us to manage our expectations. Claims: Infinite regeneration, thanks to the key ingredient, vanilla planifolia, a botanical from Madagascar. The fruit and flowers are handpicked between April and May, then shipped to the Chanel Research and Technology Center, just outside of Paris, for a purification process known as Chrono-Extraction.

Fragrances, cosmetics, body creams, absolutely. But rigorous research and development, unique purification technology, and rare and potent natural botanicals sustainably cultivated, too? As well as the luxury of the delicious fragrance, the rich bronze packaging, and the custard-thick indulgent textures, it actually works.

Claims: Profound powers of skin transformation, derived from potent, highly active ingredients like nutrient-rich algae, protective antioxidant extracts, and semiprecious stones through a unique three- to four-month bio-fermentation process.

La Mer was created by Dr. Max Huber, an aerospace scientist, following an accident that left him with severe chemical burns for which he could find no relief. The Renewal Oil immediately absorbed, and the Genaissance was simply magnificent, making my face feel fresh and energized.

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After the second week of using them together, I saw small lines disappear and the whole of my face felt a bit fuller and livelier. Then, with every week, I noticed more softness, brightness, and an alert appearance.

My makeup also began to look so much better, more natural. And the fine lines that always seemed to peer through my foundation?

Overall, my skin is much more alive. And happier! Claims: This iconic product range aims to tackle behavioral aging also called epigenetic as well as genetic aging. With the lotion quickly absorbed into the skin, my face immediately felt more nourished. Despite the ultramodern plant-based formulations, the serum happily felt decidedly natural.

Soon it was a favorite must-have, one I began to pack in my handbag for quick midday or in-flight hydration.

sisley vs la prairie

Claims: Intense correction of all visible signs of aging, acting upon stem cells at the heart of the skin. And the products are gorgeous.

I had never used a morning routine, mistakenly believing skin needed a few hours to absorb moisturizers. I realized I was now repairing my skin rather than having to apply more makeup to conceal its shortcomings. I was floored by the lightness of the products, and yet as soon as I applied them, I could feel them starting to work.

I did not lose dark spots, but by week five, my skin definitely felt firmer and far less dry. I especially love Dream Skin, which I began to use as an around-the-eye brightener but now use all over.

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Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. Thank you! May 6, Posts. I was in NM this weekend and got talked in to letting them do my make up. Of course, it came out great and addressed a lot of my concerns - such as skin tone, circles, blotchiness.

So I said "Ring it UP! I have felt guilty ever since.

The 32 Best Skincare Brands, According to Bazaar Editors

There is no SPF in it, nothing remarkable that I can tell. So should I keep it or return it? Or am I being silly? Jun 4, 16, Posts Female. Makeup and all They have lack of colour selection, finishes matte, natural, sheer, full, satin, dewy Jan 8, Posts. As I've heard, most of these product contain "Paraban" which could lead to breast cancer.

Any one know about it? Please share. Feb 23, 5, Posts. If your friend says you have never looked better, then maybe it's worth it Sisley makes incredible skincare products. Maybe their concealer has some sort of anti-aging or vitamins in it? Jan 5, 1, Posts. Outrageously priced, no spd. I used the samples and then returned the rest. I didn't think anything was worth the high price - and I buy many high end cosmetics from Neimans. Jan 12, 5, Posts Female. Skin care is the 1 thing I splurge on I feel like this As long as i can afford it and im not spending money on it instead of something else I should spend my money on then its fineWhy is it that celebrities always look so perfect?

Is it their entourage of experts who follow them around daily?

sisley vs la prairie

A team of nutritionists at their every beck and call? Or is it their access to the best skincare, treatments, facials, etc.?

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Let's be honest, it's most likely all of the above. For a whole month, I dedicated myself to a six-step skincare regimen using one of the most luxe lines out there: La Prairie. The brand was created in Montreux, Switzerland in the s by a doctor who believed that a combination of science and precious ingredients like gold, caviar, and platinum could unlock the fountain of youth yes, please. Fast forward 85ish years, and their proprietary formulas have become favorites among celebrities like Chrissy Teigen, Anja Rubik, and January Jones.

I want to make sure that what I'm putting on my face is effective—especially if it boasts a hefty price tag. So, for a full month, I put the best of the best to the test. Here's to hoping I end up looking flawless. On day one, I clear my mantle of all the products I've been using—various indie favorites from Sunday Riley face oil to RMS coconut oil makeup remover wipes —and replace them with my new and super chic I might add La Prairie regimen.

Not going to lie, they look pretty fab on display in my apartment, but as soon as my boyfriend gets a glance at the bottles, he balks at the excess of beauty products I've accumulated over the years. I ignore him, per usual. I begin with the Foam Cleanser. The consistency is smooth and you only really need a teeny tiny bit. I made the mistake of using a quarter-sized portion on the first day and my sink ended up looking like a bubble bath. Post-cleanse, my face feels fresh and clean but not stripped.

I never use a toner for fear that it will strip my skin of its natural oils, and in turn trick my skin into over producing oil look it up, it's a thing. This one did not seem to do that, though.

The alcohol-free toner felt surprisingly refreshing, and not at all harsh like others I've tried in the past. Next, I apply the Cellular Radiance Concentrate Pure Gold : A gold-infused you can visibly see the flecks anti-aging serum that evens skin tone and instantly illuminates the skin.

Luxury Beauty Awards: Best in Skincare

I'm a little taken aback by the fragrance because it's quite potent, but the consistency feels like a very light oil that instantly absorbs into my face—a good sign. The light cream gives off a matte finish and has reflective micro-particles that are specifically designed to give you that 5 p.

To my surprise, I really do look instantly radiant after I put it on. It's almost a blurring effect where my redness is gone, and subtle imperfections seem to fade away.

If you're impatient like me and want to see immediate results, this is the product for you. I almost— almost— decide to go foundation-free I quickly apply the Cellular Radiance Eye Cream.

A step I usually forgo.

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It has a nice finish, but my initial thought was that it was nothing to write home about. I'm hoping to see more long-term results, though, because being an insomniac who sleeps hours max per night, concealer has become my BFF.

For those of you who wear SPF daily, you know how hard it is to find a good one that doesn't feel greasy under makeup. It has literally been my mission in life to find the perfect sunscreen that glides on with ease, but isn't too chalky or oily. I had still been searching until this very moment.Meaning, those brands may be a safer bet for you if you are thinking of getting one. Just to be noted, there are other luxury skincare companies that I haven't mentioned on this post, so please don't limit your options simply because I'm not mentioning here just yet.

And I'm not writing this to encourage you to get the expensive products but to share my experience with different luxury skincare brands.

sisley vs la prairie

This post is a sequel to the luxury skincare brand comparison post that I wrote earlier. If you want to know more about my general observations and experiences with those brands depending on different skin types and desired results, please refer to my old post as I talked about them in great detail. Anyway, today I will focus more on my personal thoughts on the brands' progression over the past few years with top 5 products that are worth more spotlight than others.

Having said that, the products that I personally prefer may not work on your skin exactly in the same way that they do on mine as we all come from different backgrounds and have different lifestyles. I also personally prefer products with luxurious textures and a glowy finish. Just to have another excuse to indulge myself, I also got my Chanel themed nail art done at Y's Nail to celebrate this special moment I can clearly see that the company has been trying to expand their lines and give more options to their customers, which is very nice but I feel that they are rushing too much.

I'm a little concerned that the company might lose its identity and just turn into a more fashionable brand. Personally, I'm not quite certain about the path that they are taking, but we will see.

I feel that the company has been testing water especially on those premature skincare lines. The best example for this is the frequent relatively mid-priced product line turnover. If it's an upgrade, it's understandable, but when you discontinue Marine Biology collection marine based and change it to Swiss Ice Crystal line botanical based. How should we interpret?

sisley vs la prairie

Why did you even bother doing all the renewal for the Marine Biology collection, when in the end you discontinued them all? Customers could have started using the Marine Biology collection because of its ingredients and price, but now they're left with no marine-based option at that price point. Abandoning customers like this doesn't sound very luxurious, does it?

I personally really appreciate the path that the company's taking as it's very coherent to their brand heritage. They hardly discontinue their products, yet they are timelessly effective and gentle. And their launches always somehow make sense to be added to the existing skincare line or even as a new line.

The way they do their business is indeed luxurious and I do enjoy their timeless classiness. Just like Sisley, the company seems to be well aware of what's going to work and what's not going to work in the market. Their water's calm without any huge dramatic change unlike some other luxury skincare companies.

I'm always looking forward to the company's next move as they have never disappointed me so far in terms of the efficacy. However, it'd be nice if they could keep their fragrance more subtle and also phenoxyethanol low in their ingredient list.

I really hope that the company will do something about their artificial fragrance in their skincare lines. Perfume is indeed a part of the company's spirit, but it doesn't mean that it needs to compromise what it takes to be a true luxury skincare brand.Unless you won recently won the Powerball, you probably do care— a lot.

Not to mention that we're easily persuaded by fancy packaging and the claims of the ingredients found in high-end foundations. That's why we've tested some of the most expensive foundations on the market to narrow down which formulas are actually worth the hype—and sometimes three-digit price-tag.

The following foundations look just as good in their luxe bottles as they do on your face. Keep scrolling for the high-end foundations that are worth splurging on. Combine your beloved anti-aging serum with a lightweight foundation and you'll get a bottle of Dior's Capture Totale.

Enriched with a cellular complex that targets dark spots, wrinkles, and dullness, the foundation smooths, evens skin, and boosts radiance. A veil of Chanel's radiant-finish foundation is like a real-life Instagram filter for your face.

Just how does it do it? The foundation is infused with actual diamond powder, which gives it some of its sparkle. Flip open the top to find a color-matched concealer that camouflages dark circles and other imperfections. Both formulas are spiked with the brand's famous legendary caviar extracts that help support skin's firmness and elasticity.

From its diamond-cut jar to its formula, everything about it is luxe. When it's humid out, a full-coverage foundation can feel like the equivalent of getting overheated with a jacket on—you really didn't need the extra layer. Instead of getting sweaty, cake-y, and heavy, this humidity-proof Tom Ford formula erases pores, evens out complexion, and stays smooth with wear. It's true: The brand behind the cult-favorite moisturizing cream has a foundation too. Sorry, we had to. The formula combines the anti-aging, hydrating ingredients found in its moisturizer with silky coverage that looks like a second-skin.

Don't be fooled by its serum like consistency: This foundation covers imperfections and fine lines while simultaneously hydrating skin. By Erin Lukas Oct 10, pm. Save Pin ellipsis More. Our three favorite words: add to cart. Sign Up. Start Slideshow. Image zoom. Replay gallery. Pinterest Facebook. Up Next Cancel. Share the Gallery Pinterest Facebook. Everything in This Slideshow.

All rights reserved. Close View image.At what age should you start using anti-aging treatments? With some treatments, however, starting in your 30s or 20s will hardly matter, especially with the more potent brews. Two luxury beauty brands, have perfected anti-aging, providing creams for particular extrinsic aging problems wrinkles, lack of radiance, lack of firmness. And you thought it was all those macrobiotic diets that account for her youthful glow.

Rising star: Another powerful anti-aging product to look into is the Sisleya Radiance Concentrate, an ivory-colored emulsion that leaves skin matte, supple and, well, radiant, which it particularly promises.

All within a timeline of four weeks. Patented technology: A true visionary, Professor Niehans looked to the practices of the ancient Egyptians and Babylonians who used cellular therapy to stimulate the functioning of certain body organs. This richly-textured cream firms up, retexturizes and smoothens the skin with the efficacy of a broadband Internet connection.

Some devotees claim that only a face lift can do more. Nicolette Sheridan, hottest housewife on earth, considers this her poison.

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La Prairie- Worth It??

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